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SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation; it is used to describe the process designing your website in a way that it will appear higher in search engine rankings. An optimised website can reap huge rewards for your website and your business.

A website that's optimised for search engines can reap huge benefits on to your website and your business.

Search engines often turn a blind eye to what you might assume are some of the web's most attractive pages. Just think of the tools many designers use to make web pages exciting. Great illustrations. Stunning photos. Animation and sweet music. Chuck them all onto your page and the world's most important web 'spiders' might well crawl right past.

We provide proven search engine optimisation results using only ethical techniques. Our search engine marketing ensures a high return on investment by achieving maximum visibility for your website within major search engines including Google, MSN & Yahoo! Search. Search engine optimisation provides numerous benefits:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization as the Americans call it, is the practice of modifying a website so that it is considered to be Search Engine Friendly. If a website can be properly read by the search engine spiders, there is an increased probability of achieving desirable results in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The primary task for a Search Engine Optimisation company is to understand what the search engines are looking for and which techniques they give greater credibility to. This is the Holy Grail of search engine optimisation and even though some companies employ "Black Hat" techniques to deceive each search engine, natural and ethical Internet marketing techniques that are approved in the Search Engine Optimisation industry prevail for search engine listing longevity.

SEO Packages Components contains:
- Solutions to issues which will prevent your website from being indexed or be penalized by search engines.
- Validating the HTML code making sure that search engines can read all the content on the pages.
- Verifying that the site links are working properly and that there are no dead links which could negatively impact rankings.
- Search phrase research to find out which phrases and how many people search for your products.
- Optimizing the HTML code giving specific pages high relevance for the chosen phrases.
- The site is submitted manually to your chosen search engine package.
- An independent traffic monitoring system is added to the Website. The statistics are shown in a graphical format, accessed through an online control panel and include data like unique visitor numbers, page views, visit durations, time zones, visitor origin (referring Websites) and more.
- A list of key factors regarding site layout, functionality and content which encourage visitors to enquire is sent to you.
- The site rankings are monitored monthly and a report is emailed to you. This is done to ensure that the rankings stay the same and the site is not displaced by competitors or changes in search algorithms.